Functional Art

Custom Fixtures and Furniture 


Metal : Wood : Glass : Stone

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I was given the gift of opportunity at a young age - the opportunity to learn from very talented people.  After E school, I spent my years designing and learning the rights and wrongs of building.  I traveled the country restoring and building prestigious structures, and in my free time, building one-of-a-kind pieces for family and friends. I found a passion in the collaboration, and the pleasure people experience when their inspirations come to life.

I was an apprentice to many, so I could be a journeyman to multiple trades.  I work now to become a master of many skills, but my mission is making everyday pieces in your home or space change from material, to meaning, and leave a legacy of art and craftsmanship.  I encourage people to look outside the realm of what already exists, let's build what doesn't!



Contact.  Give me a email, text, or call, i'll answer them all!

Meet!  Let's meet up and talk about the piece - this just makes sense.

Design it.  Hand sketches or CAD drawings - the point is to make sure our minds are on the same page!

Samples.  Sometimes ya just need to feel and see it so we can make sure it works, and sometimes ya just wanna be surprised!  I get it!

Build It.  I'll keep you up-to-date on the progress!  Photos speak the best words. Instagram is my social media of choice - its the best way to keep up with my projects, and is the best way to see my past projects!

Delivery.  Well crafted can sometimes be synonymous with heavy, i'll take care of it!

Repeat..  You realize how fun, exciting, and inspired you can be when you see how the everyday pieces around you become more than just material objects, but expressions of your creative pallet!


What is functional art?  Look around and ask yourself: "Do I use it?" and "does it mean anything to me?"  If you use it, it's functional.  If it doesn't mean anything to you, it's not art.  Find some art around you, ask yourself what makes it special.  Do you know the maker?  Did you make it?  Did someone make it from your inspiration, or does it inspire you?  You get the picture....

What type of materials do you use?  While my career focus has been decorative metals, I have also had the opportunity to work with other traditional materials - stone, wood, and glass.  I have a passion for bringing them all together. 

Do you build everything yourself?  Generally, yes, but every once in a while I need a helping hand - don't we all?

How long does it typically take?  This is completely dependent on design, samples, material availability, and other factors.  I'll let you know up front how much time it will require, but remember the process should be as relished as the final product!

Will you build from a photo?   Typically this business is focused around one-of-a-kind pieces, but as Picasso said, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal."



PHONE: 256-749-3555

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Sorry, no current items for sale! Check back soon, or watch my instagram feed for new items